We are a brothers duo, working together in our illustration studio based in Vicenza, Italy.  We like to draw our illustrations in a squared and minimal way, using simple shapes to create them. The structure is built with some black thick lines to highlight the most important details of the geometric subject. The colouring process is fundamental for us: to give character to our artworks we use contrasting colors, patterns and pop art elements.

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2019 | Eurobike Show – Live drawing performance with Castelli Cycling | Friedrichshafen, Germany

2019 | MixAppeal – Mechanimals personal exhibition | Sandrigo

2018 | Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia – Talk | Venezia

2018 | Cucù – Personal exhibition | Vicenza

2018 | Gallerie Summertime – Art show | Vicenza

2018 | Italianism, Dieci copertine – Art show | Napoli

2018 | Bamburger – Personal exhibition | Vicenza